ATM Skimming fraud in Tumakuru, India

Two African nationals detained for skimming ATMs Tumakuru (Bengaluru) police have arrested a cross-country ATM skimming fraud racket and arrested two Africans – a Ugandan and a Kenyan – who had allegedly withdrawn over Rs 25 lakh from ATMs of 10 banks, in cities across the country. “The accused, Aiwan and Lawrence, withdrew huge amounts of cash using duplicate ATM cards,” said Inspector General of Police. Two Hackers withdrawn over

CPE B2368 -Wireless Broadband Service

Wireless home broadband  service of high-speed experience Wireless broadband service for High Speed Internet in Nepal (ताररहित ब्रोडब्यान्ड सेवा उच्च गति इन्टरनेट) service available in Nepal. It is a permanent internet connection that brings internet signal into your home. Now we have a solution to provide Wi-Fi and internet access for those needy People where there is no internet or good internet service especially Municipal Organizations like Rural Municipalities’ /Rural &

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