coronavirus pandemic in Nepal

coronavirus pandemic in Nepal The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China, in December 2019 and recognized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020 nCOV journey to Nepal -First case was confirmed in Kathmandu on 24th January 2020 -The second case was confirmed on 23rd March 2020 -Three additional cases have been confirmed on 29th March 2020 -The fifth case was confirmed in Baglung on 28 March

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What is a pandemic? A pandemic is an epidemic (infectious disease outbreak) that spreads on a global scale. Pandemics usually occur when a new infectious disease emerges that can spread rapidly around the world. What is the Novel Corona Virus nCoV-(COVID-19)? It is a new breed of virus that has not been identified in humans before. The virus infects humans and animals. The virus can

Corona Nepal Update

Corona Nepal Update Positive: 9 (संक्रमण देखिएको) Recovered:  1 (निको भएको) Active case: 8 (सक्रिय केस) Death: 0 (मृत्यु) COVID -19 Hotline for Nepal: Phone: 9851255834, 9851255837, 9851255839 (8 AM – 8 PM), 1115 1133 (6 AM – 10 PM) HUB Hospitals: Inside Valley Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital Kathmandu, Phone: 01-4412303 Bir Hospital Kathmandu, Phone: 01-4221119 Patan Academy of Health Science Lalitpur, Phone: 01-5522295 Civil Service Hospital Kathmandu, Phone: 01-4107000 Shree Birendra Hospital Kathmandu,

COVID-19 Do and Don’t

COVID-19 Do and Don’t There’s currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19). You can protect yourself and help prevent spreading the virus to others if you: Do Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze Avoid close contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with people

Loading License in PayShield HSM

How to load License in Payment HSM? Today, I am going to share my experience about how to load  License key  in Payment HSM. This is required when If you have not place order license during the first purchase and order license separately or you might require additional license to enhance your business capabilities like an example you want to deliver additional Union Pay  service along with your VISA service


Poem on Corona Lockdown Yes there is fear there is isolation there is sickness there is even death it’s pandemic time So, there is lock-down It is a bad epidemic and it’s hard for people to cope Pray and take precautions never give up hope People all over the world are waking-up to a new reality- how big we really are, how little control we really have! This is a

Payment HSM-payShield 10K

payShield 10K The payShield 10K family launched in April 2019 is the direct replacement for the payShield 9000 offering a seamless upgrade for existing Thales payment HSM customers. payShield 10K is the future of payment protection, providing you with a range of benefits including: > Opportunities to reduce your operating costs – using less space and energy > Improvements to streamline your operations – simplifying ongoing HSM management and monitoring


What is coronavirus and how worried should we be?

कोरोना वायरस Coronavirus (COVID-19) कोरोना भाइरसले स्तनधारी जनावर तथा चराचुरुङ्गीहरूमा रोग निम्त्याउने गर्दछ। मानिसहरूमा यसले श्वासप्रश्वाससम्बन्धी रोग निम्त्याउने गर्दछ जुन प्राणघातक पनि हुन सक्छ। हालसम्म यसको विरुद्ध कुनै खोप वा औषधिको आविस्कार भएको छैन। कोरोना भाइरस समुद्री खानाबाट मानिसमा सर्ने एक प्रकारको भाइरस हो। चीनमा ‘कोरोनाभाइरस’ प्रकोप पछि, विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन (डब्ल्यूएचओ) ले चेतावनी दिएको छ कि भाइरस नेपालमा पनि संक्रमण  हुन सक्छ डब्ल्यूएचओ अधिकारीहरु हामीलाई सुरक्षित रहन अनुरोध गर्दै

To My Princess

“To My Princess” If you ever need me for anything, I’m just a call away. I don’t care how insignificant the problem is. I want you to know that I will always be here for you. Whenever you start doubting yourself, always remember that you have me. I will always have your back. You will always be the most beautiful girl in my eyes. No matter how old you may


I AM YOURS TO KEEP You bring to me a heart of joy, memories so great Powerful sense of fatherhood that no one can debate I watch you sleep and dream of things that I can only wonder innocent look upon your face just makes my heart grow fonder No suffering or tragedy nor deeply seated pain could ever overshadow the bond that we retain when you say, Daddy I

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