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Branch Officer ADBL arrested

In the recent hack episode, Mr. Sunil K. Jha, the branch officer Lahan, Nepal Agricultural Development Bank (ADBL) arrested.

According to Metropolitan Police crime division team, his PC was used to leak the confidential details.

The preliminary studies of Police shows that Mr. Jha, the branch officer’s pc was compromised and used to leak confidential details. Likewise, some of the local agents working for Kale are also under control. These guys were working for 10-35% commission. But Peter (Kale), the team player, who is operating this scam from Mumbai, India is still out of reach.

Police have arrested 16 people in connection with the cyber heist recently and the number can be increased said, Mr. Thapa. SSP S. Thapa from Metropolitan Police crime division, his team and the other concern experts are further investigating.

Finally, this is very high time and we are in festive mood. This could be the best time for the hackers. So, everyone has to be alert says cyber experts. The past records also shows that these types of crime generally happens during festive seasons be it like SWFIT Server Hack (illegal fund transfer with SWIFT server NIC ASIA) case or some others.

Dashain, one of the most auspicious festival in the Nepalese. Dashain Festival, a popular holiday among both Hindus and Buddhists in Nepal. More than 90 % (81.3% Hindu and 9.0% Buddhist (ref. 2011 census)) of the people Celebrate Dashain.

So, Bankers have to keep on their eyes open for 24/7 especially in festive seasons to ensure security and provide prompt services for their happy customers.

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