ZOOM: is it secure, how do you use it safely?

ZOOM: IS IT SECURE, CAN IT BE HACKED, AND HOW DO YOU USE IT SAFELY? Video conferencing app Zoom has been the talk of the town since an unprecedented lockdown took over the lives of people. Employees, Hospitals, schools and even governments make use of its free service to host virtual meetings. Similar software to Zoom Like Zoom there are other online communication platforms such as Zoom, they are- Cisco

Payment HSM-payShield 10K

payShield 10K The payShield 10K family launched in April 2019 is the direct replacement for the payShield 9000 offering a seamless upgrade for existing Thales payment HSM customers. payShield 10K is the future of payment protection, providing you with a range of benefits including: > Opportunities to reduce your operating costs – using less space and energy > Improvements to streamline your operations – simplifying ongoing HSM management and monitoring

Ransomware: A quick overview

Ransomware Ransomware is malicious software that infects your computer and displays messages demanding a fee to be paid in order for your system to work again. This class of malware is a criminal moneymaking scheme that can be installed through deceptive links in an email message, instant message or website. It has the ability to lock a computer screen or encrypt important files with a password. Types of ransomware? There are

Network security training in Kankali Ma Vi

One-day network security training program has been organized at Sri Kankali Secondary School in Nakap, Kathmandu. The program was conducted by the school with the help of SICT Nepal, an organization active in the field of information and communication technology. The training program was conducted in the presence of the school’s Principal Bishnu Prasad Paneru, Assistant Principal Madhukar Karki and other teachers and about 100 students who studied computer subjects

Why I started a blog?

What I believe is, blogging forces us to teach ourselves what we don’t know and to articulate what we do know. When we start writing a blog post, we are forced to organize our thoughts, ideas, and knowledge domain. I found somewhere, according to “the 1 percent rule,” only 1 percent of Internet users actively create new content, while the other 99 percent of the participants simply view it. So,

My Frist Blog Post

Namaste !!! SHREE PAUDEL, Kathmandu, Nepal It may or may not please many of you to know you and i are much alike. We can not eat without spilling on ourselves. We have no idea what Ed Sheeran is saying but we sing along way. if we try writing for everyone, probably we might write for no one!! So, i want to built my audience by being myself & they

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