Loading License in PayShield HSM

How to load License in Payment HSM? Today, I am going to share my experience about how to load  License key  in Payment HSM. This is required when If you have not place order license during the first purchase and order license separately or you might require additional license to enhance your business capabilities like an example you want to deliver additional Union Pay  service along with your VISA service


How to make effective PowerPoint presentation

How to make effective PowerPoint presentation A PowerPoint presentation is a presentation created using Microsoft PowerPoint. It is a collection of individual slides that contain information on a particular topic. PowerPoint presentations are commonly used in business meetings, for training, and educational purposes. These are popular in business meetings, both face-to-face and teleconferenced. Presenting ideas or contents are always tough if you do not have presentation skills. You have to

Minutes of Meeting (MOM)

Minutes of Meeting (MOM) Minutes, also known as Minutes of Meeting (MOM) are official record of a meeting. Taking meeting minutes is essential to a meeting or business writings. Here are some points we need to included in our minutes like: Meeting title, Meeting type, Date & Time, Venue, Agendas, Participants, Minutes: (Type, Action, Responsibility, deadline and status), Minutes Recorded by [Name, job title] Here is the Minutes or Minutes

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