COVID-19 Nepal update

Confirmed cases (संक्रमण देखिएको): 179,614
Active cases (सक्रिय केस):


Recovered (निको भएको):


Deaths (मृत्यु):


“If we can limit contact between people who are infected and others, we can limit opportunities for the virus to be transmitted”

COVID -19 Hotline for Nepal: 1133 (24/7), 1115 (6 AM – 9 PM), 9851255834 , 9551255837, 9851255839 (8 AM – 8 PM)

MOHP would like to invite you to fill up the form for the study on public understanding and their response to COVID 19 in Nepal (18 years or above). The information provided by you will help to improve public health efforts with regards to COVID 19 and thus reduce harm from the pandemic.

कोविड-१९ सम्वन्धि ज्ञान र धारणा Please take a moment to fill this survey.

For more details Follow the URLs below:,,,

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