Phone infections are rising these days. People are reporting of getting SMS with a verification link in their phone, getting calls from foreign numbers and opening a QR scanner suddenly. We can hear several fraud cases using Viber, IMO calls as well.

It is possible to hack the data from the recipient phone using spyware or malware on it.

One of the possible way can be, If it’s done by potential script then there is a possibility that someone nearby you trusted who have access to your phone have downloaded desktop version of Viber on his/her Pc/Laptop or the other way can be using (Remote Access Trojan),

A RAT gives a malicious hacker access to your desktop.

If your phone is hacked, there must be some unusual data access pattern for you to notice. Some of the symptoms that your device is hacked are-

  1. Check battery usage and see if there is some unusual activity and if battery gets drained out way too quickly.
  2. If your device is not asking you to assign permissions while installing the applications.
  3. Check whole list of applications in your device and try to find an application which gets installed without your consent.
  4. Install the packet sniffer in your Wi-Fi network and disable 3G/4G mobile data access
  5. Check out the data usage there will be extra data consumption then your previous data usage history.
  6. If your mobile device rooted, then your it can carry out attacks

How to know someone trying to ‘hack your Viber account’

  • Randomly opening a QR scanner in your Viber App (usually in Desktop Software)
  • Receiving calls from unknown numbers starting from +33xxxxxxxx
  • SMS with Verification Code & Verification Link

How to delete your data from Viber servers?

follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Viber Account > ‘More’ > ‘Settings’ >  ‘Privacy’ > ‘Personal data’ > ‘Delete your data’ > ‘Delete Data” after a while you will get the notification with confirmation form the Viber.

Solutions to protect your data in Viber

  • Use latest version of Viber
  • Use end-to-end encryption
  • Keep your chats secure
  • Check the secure status of chat
  • Trust a contact
  • Read Viber’s Security White Paper
  • Do no keep confidential data in your Viber account
  • Always use secure Viber chat

Viber speaks of security as “End-to-end encryption. All the that data is being encrypted while sending from one device until it reaches the intended recipient. This data can’t be picked up in the middle by anyone else, not even Viber.” So unless someone has physical access to your phone/PC where you’re logged in, you aren’t probably hacked.

How to stay safe from Scam?

  • You should not respond to calls and SMS from unknown people
  • Should not open an email from unknown sources
  • Do not trust catchy offered through phone calls, SMS and emails
  • Verify company representative details before trusting him/her
  • Never share One Time Password (OTP) received to your phone to anyone
  • Do not engage unnecessary calls emails and social media network
  • Never provide any confidential details unless verification
  • Avoid follow Hoax

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