Nepal Agriculture Dev Bank

Hackers’ activity in Kathmandu


With the latest ATM heist in Kathmandu compromising Nepal Electronic Payment System (NEPS), we have another HACTIVITY in Nepal Agricultural Development Bank now.

Firstly, the primary investigation shows that the hackers looted 4 Crore 73 Million Rupees from Nepal Agricultural Development Bank   Lahan Branch on 22  September 2019 hacking the system.

5 Billion Hacking Plan revealed!

According to  Police Crime division, African based citizen called Peter (Kale) who was planing to  hack massive amounts (5 Billion -पाँच अर्ब)  from the   different Banks and Financial institutions in Nepal. For this he had created  local agents using Whatsapp chat tempting to provide 15- 20% commission. He was operating his team  from Mumbai India.

Police have arrested 12 people from Kathmandu in connection with the cyber heist in the Nepal Agricultural Development Bank.

it is said that the looted money  transferred  India using Hundee.
The investigation is going one. Yet we do not have any conclusion whether there is involvement of internal employees from the bank or not, said the bank team.

Moreover, There might be very high chance of compromising  Maker/Checker accounts and password in this case using VPN connection.

Anyway, the looted money do not belongs to any customers. And the accounts has been already suspended, said Mr. Paudel.

Similarly, SSP Thapa  & his team along with NRB experts working on it  for further investigation details. Nepal Police Cyber crime team and Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) expert are jointly investigating for further process.

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  1. Is the Nepal practical ground for hacker, R they really smiling at us and sayin look there is your playground ,go and explore and exploit it. why cops are always investigating , why cant they prevent and trigger the hackers postions. If this is it than what is the meaning of making smart city . and cashless transaction

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