How to make effective PowerPoint presentation

A PowerPoint presentation is a presentation created using Microsoft PowerPoint. It is a collection of individual slides that contain information on a particular topic.

PowerPoint presentations are commonly used in business meetings, for training, and educational purposes. These are popular in business meetings, both face-to-face and teleconferenced. Presenting ideas or contents are always tough if you do not have presentation skills. You have to follow some guidelines to make your presentation better.

Step-by-step note for Presentation about Presentation.

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Effective Designing in “PowerPoint Presentations”
5 Steps of PowerPoint Presentation!!

  1. Make it Big
  2. Keep it Simple
  3. Make it Clear
  4. Be progressive
  5. Be Consistent

Make it Big
When I say big, I am talking about font size.

  • This is Arial 12
  • This is Arial 18
  • This is Arial 24

  • This is Arial 36

  • This is Arial 44

  • This is Arial 60

Here font size Arial 12 is too small, and 60 is too big. So, we can better choose 24 for body text and 32 for Title.
Or Look at your slide from 2 meters away for the visibility.  if you see it your audience will definitely see!
Keep it Simple
Do not use:

  • Too many colors,
  • Too Many Fonts and Styles,
  • Too many sounds & effects, transitions, and artworks distract your audience

Use:The 6 x 7 rule

  • No more than 6 lines per slide
  • No more than 7 words per line

Make it Clear

  • Clear Fonts rather than using busy fonts
  • Use numbers for lists with sequence
  • Use bullets to show a list without priority, sequence and hierarchy.
  • Use complement color

Be progressive

  • Do not use many stuffs in one go!
  • Slide must be progressive and focus

Be Consistent

  • Differences draw attention
  • Differences may imply importance
  • Use surprises to attract not distract

Some Final Words

When creating a presentation make sure-

  • Text to support the communication
  • Pictures to simplify complex concepts
  • Animations for complex relationships
  • Visuals to support, not to distract
  • Sounds only when absolutely necessary
  • Think about the people in the back of the room when creating slides

When Presenting

  • Speak loudly and clearly with fluctuation
  • Direct your words to all aspects of the room
  • Maintain eye contact with your audience
  • Ask questions of your audience (if applicable)
  • Don’t read the slides word-for-word, use them for reference

Closing Remarks

  • Practice your presentation before a neutral audience
  • Ask for feedback
  • Be particular about the time allotted for presentation
  • Leave time for questions

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