How to load License in Payment HSM?

Today, I am going to share my experience about how to load  License key  in Payment HSM.

This is required when If you have not place order license during the first purchase and order license separately or you might require additional license to enhance your business capabilities like an example you want to deliver additional Union Pay  service along with your VISA service you need to load license.

PayShield  has come with various  software licensing packages: PAC001, PAC 010, PAC020 PAC03, PAC 301, PAC 302, PAC 303, PAC 908 etc.

Besides these licensing packages, additional optional Licenses might required as per the nature of business requirements. I will share you the license details in the up-coming posts.

Since i am working in payment industry most of the clients have requested me to guide to load a license key into the box (Pay-shield HSM). I think it would better for them and rest of the working professional who indulge in Payment HSMs might require this solution.

Steps to load license key in Payshield HSM

When you receive license file from the Thales  (HSM Vendor) it should be similar to B4665271226O-3.licence Generally the name of the file will be with the <serial no of the product>.license extension. Remember “Do not make any changes to the file”.

See the Steps in details:

Loading License Using FTP Client

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