Life is good, Keep on Smiling

Today I am going to present Infographics (Information graphics). An Infographics is a visual display of data in a clear manner so that it could be easier to understand.

If we see the history of info-graphics, it was created in the 11th century to depict the mechanism for planets moving across the sky. Later on it was used to analyse new information about the weather, economics, and population statistics etc. Info graphics are great for making complex information easy to understand.

Traditionally, marketers use it as a means to advertise their product and services. But these days, to educate people info-graphics are best.

Quick Views on info graphics

  • It’s a quick and easy methods to give the reader plenty of compact information without requiring a lot of reading.
  • Provide a quick overview of a topic
  • Explain  a complex process in easy manner
  • Raise awareness
  • Provide  quick Summery at one go.

Example of Infographics i.e. Life is good Keep on Smiling.

Life is good Keep On smiling

finally, among my favorite Infographics “is life good?” by Kirby Satterfield because it punches us in the gut if we are currently doing something we hate, I use this not just in work, but in personal life, passing to any friend that complains about something they’re capable of changing.

IS life Good?

And let me know whether you like or not. Appreciate for your comments and feedback. I will keep on posting various Info-graphics in the info Graphics category.

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