Minutes of Meeting (MOM)

Minutes, also known as Minutes of Meeting (MOM) are official record of a meeting. Taking meeting minutes is essential to a meeting or business writings.

Here are some points we need to included in our minutes like:

  • Meeting title,
  • Meeting type,
  • Date & Time,
  • Venue,
  • Agendas,
  • Participants,
  • Minutes: (Type, Action, Responsibility, deadline and status),
  • Minutes Recorded by [Name, job title]

Here is the Minutes or Minutes of Meetings (MOM) sample file:

[Title i.e EFT Project- Minutes of Meeting]

Project Code: [Project Name i.e EFT Project]

Meeting Type: [Type of Meeting i.e Project Status]

Agenda: [List out topics for discussion]

Date: [Meeting Date i.e 5th August 2019]

Time:  [ Meeting Time 5:00 PM (NPT)]

Venue : [Location i.e. Shikhar Biz Center 2nd Floor, Kathmandu]

Participant List

Client/ Participants

1. Full Name




1. [Full name, Job Title]




Minutes (A – Action, I – Information)

Type Action Responsibility Deadline Status
A Issues to be addressed with proper action Responsible party Timeline Current status
I Initiation to address the problem Responsible party Timeline Current Status

Minutes Recorded by: [Name, Signature]

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