Namaste !!!
SHREE PAUDEL, Kathmandu, Nepal

It may or may not please many of you to know you and i are much alike.
We can not eat without spilling on ourselves. We have no idea what Ed Sheeran is saying but we sing along way.

if we try writing for everyone, probably we might write for no one!!

So, i want to built my audience by being myself & they will find me and like my “voice”, the way i will explain the things, my content exactly address their needs.

My voice is simply the way i express through my writing. As i believe it’s only through writing that i can discover my voice though writing is a lil bit tough job for me.

Okay. Just me?

well anyway, i know this gonna happen overnight. I will have to be one step ahead of someone to be helpful with this blog.

Believe it or not, i might not be in a better position to help someone than the internet guru who has 50,0000 subscribers and ranks on Page #1 of Google for every keyword they target.

But I am blogging post for “People of my age”, University Students, Teenagers, IT professional and The business people.

University Students – especially Information Technology (IT) and Management related courses to assist them,
Teenagers – To share my life experiences,
IT Professional – To guide and assist with my hands-on experience with easy steps,
Newbie – Especially to help and guide those people who want to make career in Information and Communication Technology,
The business people – who are willing to utilize modern IT Infrastructure to comply Government (Level) Architecture (GA) & Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) Standard and other security standard.

I want to care the above mentioned people sharing my knowledge domain and 15+ Yrs of experiences.


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