Nepal is home to a remarkable diversity of landscape. Travelers should begin their trip to Nepal. From luxury jungle safaris to private treks in the Himalayas, there’s more to Nepal than just backpacking, says the American business magazine.

A trip to Nepal has been defined as once-in-a-lifetime experience to book in 2020 under the theme- 2020 Travel Goals: Ten Bucket List Trips for the Next Decade

Nepal has been named a ‘top destination for travelers to visit in 2020 and beyond’ by Forbes magazine. According to the popular American business magazine, from among six continents and 10 countries, from the jungles of the Amazon to the heights of Mount Everest, Nepal combines adventure with luxury.

The magazine lays out Nepal’s attractions from the Tarai, where it identifies Tiger Tops in Chitwan for its Tharu Lodge and “ethical elephant experience” where visitors can walk alongside elephants into the forest, tracking tigers and watching the sunset, Trekking High Himalayas and many more.

Further, Katherine Parker-Magyar contributor,  illustrated from cities to jungles, our rich culture, travel and adventure of High Himalaya and many more…

As I believe, this could create a positive vibe and spread message to the rest of the world to visit Nepal year (VNY- 2020). Thanks for the article Katherine.

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