One-day network security training program has been organized at Sri Kankali Secondary School in Nakap, Kathmandu.

The program was conducted by the school with the help of SICT Nepal, an organization active in the field of information and communication technology.

The training program was conducted in the presence of the school’s Principal Bishnu Prasad Paneru, Assistant Principal Madhukar Karki and other teachers and about 100 students who studied computer subjects under technical education (from grades 1 to 5).

At the program, Vice President of SICT Nepal, Bishal Mahat, trained the students on the use and security of social media and provided counseling on the career development of the students.

Likewise, Mr. Shree paudel, an IT expert, trained the students about network security. He also informed  students about the current network security situation. Similarly, he explained about the career in Cyber Security along with way of learning, security measures, recent trends and changing nature of business these days.

Further, he has suggested student to identify their interest and follow the same with proper guidelines and checklist before hand to get the success.

During the session, Mr. Paudel has shared his many experiences and hot  burning issued in the cyber security world esp in payment industries.


The program was conducted by Mr. Pushpraj Ojha, (teacher).

The students were happy to learn a lot about network security by the expert from the program.

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