Parents’ day speech in Nepal Police School (NPS), Sanga, Kavre

Parent’s day speech at NPS

I had a request call to deliver my speech on parent’s day program from Nepal Police School, Sangha, Kavre. Luckily, there was a father’s day on the same day (August 30, 2019). So, I took the opportunity and delivered the speech there. Speech focused on both  Parents day and  father’s day.

Parents’ day speech

Our distinguished guest Madan Krishna Shrestha, Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, Commandant, Gurus, Gurumaz, My Dear Children and all the Parents – Warm Greetings to all of you!!

It is always nice to be with you young people.

I myself, Shree Paudel, pleased and honored to officiate at the “Parents’ day” program to share my words.

I would like to take this worthy opportunity to say a few words to thank my parents because they are the reason 1 am able to stand here in front of you. It is the day to recognize the efforts, hardships, sacrifices your parents have put for you, for your career.

God had sent to us love in various forms and one of them is our Father.

I believe, dad is not an ATM machine or debit or credit card only. A dad has to take care of the financial needs to the family,  deal with the physical and social aspects as well.

Further, utilizing this opportunity, I would like to highlight some points:
There are two gifts we should give our children:

  1. One is root
  2. The other is wings

Let me share with you a brief story on the Value of Education.

Once there was a man who was passing through the desert when suddenly he heard a voice calling on him by saying, “Take some pebbles and keep them with you and tomorrow you will be both glad and sorry”. The man did the same and next morning when he searched into his pocket, he found emeralds, rubies and diamonds. And at that time he was both happy and sorry.He was happy because he had taken at least some and sorry that he didn’t pick more. This is true of education.

As far as my opinion is concerned, I would like to say that education is a process which is carried down for the lifetime and consists of every possible experience one gains from formal or informal set ups. Therefore, education should not be restricted to books or classroom teaching only.

I am very happy and proud to know that the education reform has been very well received by the Nepal Police School, Sanga, Kavre under the excellent leadership, management and with the wholehearted support of an entire NPS team.

We have closely observed NPS activities participating from few years. We are happy with the gradual improvement and remarkable progress done by NPS. Many congratulations NCOPSIAN and best wishes ahead.

Similarly, i would like to grab this opportunity to say thanks to the schools honorable vice-principal Harihar sir providing me this auspicious opportunity and his entire team to share my few words from Parents poll in the occasion of Parents day & father’s day together.

Finally, i would like to end my speech and extend special thanks to parents for coming here to grace the event.

wish you all a great day ahead!

Thank you.

Click here to download: Parents’ day speech by parents


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