payShield 10K

payShield 10K

The payShield 10K family launched in April 2019 is the direct replacement for the payShield 9000 offering a seamless upgrade for existing Thales payment HSM customers.

payShield 10K is the future of payment protection, providing you with a range of benefits including:
> Opportunities to reduce your operating costs – using less space and energy
> Improvements to streamline your operations – simplifying ongoing HSM management and monitoring
> Features to support your future needs – from new use cases to cloud-based deployment options

Some of the payShield 10K benefits including:
> Slimmer form factor, lower power consumption
> Hot-swappable power supplies and fans
> Higher cryptographic performance
> PCI HSM v3 certification

Important Dates for payShield 9000

>30th June 2020 – last time buy on hardware
>31st December 2022 – end-of-life for support

Comparison between payShied 9000 to payShiled 10K

Function/Features payShield 9000 payShield 10K
Form Factor 2 U 1U
Power Socket X1 or x2 (Factory fit option) X2 hot Swappable
Power consumption 100W 60W
Ethernet Host Ports X2 (10/100/1000 Mbps) X2 (10/100/1000 Mbps)
Management Port X1 (10/100/1000 Mbps) X1 (10/100/1000 Mbps)
Console Port Via USB-to-serial cable Via USB-C to USB-A cable
Reset HSM Recessed Erase Button Through Pay Shield Manager or power button on rear panel
Erase Sensitive Data Red reset button Recessed Erase button with completion indicator
LMK(s) loaded indicator LMK LED None – info in PayShield Manager
Host Activity Indicator Host 1 & Host 2 LED None – Info. in PayShield Manager
Software Update Via FTP or USB Secure HTTPS via PayShield Manager or Secure ‘UPLOAD’ console command with USB
License Update Via FTP Secure HTTPS via PayShield Manager or Secure ‘UPLOAD’ console command with USB
Start-up time ~25 Sec ~20 Sec
Max Performance (Transaction or Call Per Second) 1500 tps 2500 cps
PCI HSM certification PCI HSM v 1.0

Expires end of Apr 2019

Pending PCI HSM V3.0
FIPS Certification FIPS 140-2, Level 3
Expires Jan 2020
Pending FIPS 140-2, level 3
HSM Compatibility software built on base V3.0 or later software built on base V1.0 or later

Source: Thales


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