Practical ways to keep moving forward in a pandemic

Pandemic Technology Response

COVID-19 Sketch By Sudha Paudel

Fast Facts:

  • Wuhan discharges all corona-virus patients as Beijing takes steps to stop second wave
  • Boris Johnson’s return to work ‘a boost for the country’
  • Some European Nation Ease pandemic Rules, but Move Warily
  • Large churches in South Korea open with restriction
  • People crowd Southern California beaches despite corona-virus
  • People took risk like jumping Mahakali River to reach their family (Mother land, Nepal) from India due to lock-down.
  • Millions of Nepalese people waiting abroad thinking that Nepal Government will initiate with the hope to return home
  • Due to the open border to our neighboring country India, we are facing various difficulties time and again.
  • It is a complete pandemic, no solution for corona-virus yet.
  • Many businesses Stay Closed, People Stay Home.

Background on current situation

The outbreak was first identified in WuhanHubei, China, in December 2019 and recognized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020

nCOV journey to Nepal

-First case was confirmed in Kathmandu on 24th January 2020
-The second case was confirmed on 23rd March 2020
-Three additional cases have been confirmed on 29th March 2020
-The fifth case was confirmed in Baglung on 28 March
-Three new positive cases were confirmed in the far-western region of Nepal on 4th April 2020 – -Similarly, 16 new cases in May 3, 2020 and total active confirm case in Nepal is: 75

According to JHU,

Latest corona-virus update

Apart the World: Total Confirmed: 3,506,924, Total Deaths: 247,475, Total Recovered: 1,125,308

Nepal: Total Confirmed: 75, Total Recovered: 16, Total Death :0

Federal Government of Nepal plan and action on Corona-virus

The Government of Nepal announced on April 26 an extension to the nationwide lock-down until May 7, 2020 11:59 PM. As Per the lock-down order all residents and visitors throughout Nepal are required to remain in their place of residence.  All movement on the roads, by vehicle and on foot, is currently prohibited with limited life safety exceptions.

Extension of Flight Suspension:

The government has suspended regular international and domestic flights until May 15, 2020 11:59 PM.

Federal Government of Nepal has further Expanding capacity for COVID-19 testing, Active engagement with agencies, communities and experts local and abroad, communicating and coordinating with center, province and local level, Providing Global pandemic response and responding Public and private sector.

The best solution that we have in this pandemic time is to Teleworking.

Here are few questing we need to take consideration as How are businesses and governments responding? What lessons have been learned, and what next steps are organizations taking? How can technology and cyber security mistakes be avoided? What is the practice of Telework I Nepal?

Yes, we are likely new for Telework practice due the many reasons be in in Education or in business practices. Of course, there are few people engaging in BPO and countable organizations dealing with Telework. We do not have global recognition as well as a globally competitive market yet due to some challenges.

Teleworking (Work from Home) challenges:

Important considerations that we are lacking:

  • Internet cost is extremely high
  • Network connectivity speed is not that good
  • Very less investment in ICT
  • Lack of Policy and practice in ICT education from Government level
  • Lack of practical hand-on training
  • Lack of public-private partnership
  • Huge cost on infrastructures and security design and implementation
  • We do not have Process and procedure intact

Securely Transitioning to a Remote Workforce

Security has been always challenging. Corona virus actions and risks has forwarded the more challenges for Tech and Security Leaders as well.

Some keys areas that every organization should address when transitioning to a remote workforce:

  • Build Enterprise Network and System Security
  • Ensure User Network Security
  • Technology planning for future: More laptops, less desktop
  • Secure Connected and Smart Devices using cryptography and MFA
  • Employee Training. Effective training on how to use: Smart Phone, ATMs, KIOSK, Payment Application like internet banking and mobile banking, Utility Payments, Online shopping, and Online training coaching & consulting services etc.
  • Prepare and use Organizational Security Policies effectively
  • Ensure What lessons have been learned, and what next steps are organizations taking?
  • How can technology and cyber security mistakes be avoided?
  • Learn the scope of the unprecedented challenges organizations are currently facing

To conclude, time is all powerful. It teaches us many things. Now Corona has provided many opportunities as well besides Global pain.

  • Distance learning will reinforce teaching and learning approaches that we know do not work well.
  • Blended learning approaches will be tried, tested, and increasingly used.
  • Teachers and schools will receive more respect, appreciation, and support for their important role in society.
  • Quality teaching and learning materials will be better curated and more widely used.
  • Remote Workforce will reinforce working approaches that we know do not work well.
  • The crisis has built the basis for more professional and transparent public-private partnerships
  • Investors could seize opportunities in the long-term trend of technological innovation and capital market reform.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit is now vital to Chinese businesses.
  • This crisis will help us come together across boundaries.
  • Preparing for new reality
  • It will encourage our Vedic culture

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