Kathmandu, 21 November 2019

A panel comprising Senior Vice President Nawaraj Kunwar and Vice President Sunina Ghimire has entered in the contest for the election of the upcoming 13th Executive Committee of the CAN Federation.

Shree Paudel has provided candidacy as a member of the Individual General Group for the upcoming CAN election in Mangsir 7th, 2076 (23rd November 2019). He gave his nomination from a panel of Nawaraj Kunwar’s group. He is the Project Manager of Elite Solutions and working as an ICT Consultant / Trainer on various projects under the Private / Public Sector. Paudel, who has been active in various social activities related to ICT for the past 15 years, is more familiar with the young members of the CAN Federation. He has played an active role at the ICT Conference and other CAN Federation Activities.

Why your candidacy at the CAN Federation? 
The CAN is well-known as the sole guardian of the information and communication technology sector of Nepal. This organization has represented the entire ICT sector due to its membership system. I specifically intend to connect technical, young manpower and students with CAN. Within CAN I saw many problems and challenges while working in my professional career and other social forums.

I have seen the need to mobilize the capacity of the young manpower to create the highest mobility, create opportunities and bring a comfortable environment for the IT industry at home. This is not possible for one or two people. I believe the organization, which has a network all over the country like the CAN Federation and working closely with the state and concerned agencies, should lead it. That is why I have given the candidature to the central member.

What agenda have you put forward for the election? 
First of all, I am convinced that the CAN should adopt youth, students and startups. The organization has a lot of work to do, which is also a topic that is being raised by many members. The CAN should prioritize lobbying the issues of the ICT sector, voicing the interests of residents and professionals in the area. I will raise my voice to make every activity in CAN transparent and intimate to all members.

The government of Nepal should bring minimum standards to encourage native software developers. For this, the CAN Federation should bring about a role-playing environment. To share knowledge regularly, CAN should create a shared platform. On the other hand, to be a member of the CAN, I will take the initiative of a spontaneous environment. In the meantime, our group has brought a commitment to a two-year term. It is explicitly mentioned for the development and expansion of this area as a whole.

What challenges do you see in the ICT sector of Nepal? 
Even now, the government has not been able to trust Nepal’s ICT sector. The government has a tendency to buy foreign software. But some of the software is made by Nepali developers targeting foreigners. It has discouraged Nepali talent and abilities. That is why thousands of IT manpower are fleeing abroad. Startups do not have funding programs, lack motivating agencies. Startup culture is also less conscious.

An organization like CAN should provide a ‘Grooming Center’ for startups. On the other hand, the use of information technology in development has not been increased. Industry and academia are still in a tense situation. Despite these challenges, the future of Nepal lies in the ICT sector. Soon everyone will understand this.

What do you want to say at the end?
Although we are working on different roles in the IT sector, our current obligation is to create an ecosystem of ICT in Nepal. Everyone should contribute to this. A sense of cooperation is equally important. The CAN Federation has been working as a common organization for the entire ICT sector.

In this perspective, I have nominated myself as a member of the individual general group in the election of the working committee of the CAN Federation. I have come up with a clear plan to work on behalf of all the voters in this group. I need invaluable support to represent you in the organization.

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This article was published in ICT Frame in 21 November, 2019

Ref. Links:  https://ictframe.com/shree-paudel-candidacy-is-for-bridging-the-digital-innovation-divide-in-nepal/

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