Starting a Blog with Simple steps

How to start a blog is a common question from newbie to start a blog. Starting a blog is not a rocket science. you have to follow couple of steps:

  1. Register you’re Domain Name or Free Domain is available click here (.np domain for Nepalese Citizens only!)
  2. Choose a Hosting Plan
  3. Design your blog using a simple Word press Themes
  4. Modify your blog to get your preferred look and feel using wp-login or offline using Xamp control application)
  5. Select the popular Plugins for your blog
  6. Write Compelling Contents that adds value to readers
  7. Publish your post
  8. Promote your blog with social Media i.e Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  9. Make money with your blogging (Adsense)
  10. Now your time for a couple of Beers with your friends

Write me if you found any difficulty following these simple steps at:

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