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Thank you note

As i believe, it is always better to share “Thank you note” after your Job Interview. Also this is the best practice. Today with my blog post i am going to write a post on thank you note. Let me  quickly show you how to write a sample thank you note. Finally, here is the sample letter.

Sample thank you note after job interview


Individual’s Name
Job Title
Name of Organization
Street Address

Dear Mr./Ms. ________________________________:

Thank you for the opportunity this morning to discuss the [Proposed job title] position. Our conversation gave me a better understanding of your Company and the requirements of the job. The additional information from your team member was really helpful in gaining a better perspective of the position.

My strong (your areas of expertise) will definitely make a contribution to your company. I am proficient in [knowledge domain] you use, and I feel I possess the customer service experience you want.

I enjoyed meeting the office staff and touring the facility. And, i believe, this is clearly a quality organization with an emphasis on efficiency and a dedication to teamwork. I would consider it a privilege to join your team and will contact you next week to inquire about the hiring decision.

Again, thank you for your time and consideration.


(You’re Signature)

(Your Full name)

Download free thank you note  doc file sample thank you note

or you may share request mail as well at: haveyoursay@shree.paudel.com.np

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