Vianet’s user data has been compromised

Vianet Communications Pvt. ltd is one of the popular Internet Service Providers (ISP) of Nepal with 20 Years of service, Vianet’s user data has been compromised last night leaking  around 1.6M user’s data detail. The breached data is stored on the dark web. The breach has been confirmed officially by Vianet.

A hacker with twitter name नरपिचास posted a post with the onion link leading to the leaked data. Currently, the twitter account is restricted. A special browser such as ‘Tor’ is required to view contents posted in a self-hosted network with an onion link.

ISP data breach in KathmanduThe leaked data included the user’s email address, phone number, and address. Recently, Foodmandu’s data leak had warmed the situation and here is another similar incident. Vianet itself had faced such an issue in early 2019.


Vianet has issued a public statement about the data breach. The company has asked its users to take precautions as a safety measure.

ISP data breach in Kathmandu

Following this unexpected situation, I would request all the Vianet users to change their password.

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