Nepal picks 100 new tourism destinations to meet 2 million target at 2020

Explore Major tourist destinations including Adventures like Paragliding, Mountaineering, Trekking, wild-life safari, Heritages sites and many more with very affordable price.

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Visit Nepal Year (VNY) 2020

After the grand success of Visit Nepal Year 1998 and Nepal Tourism Year 2011, the Tourism Board of Nepal introduced Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign.

Why Visit Nepal 2020?

In order to boost tourism in our country, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) introduced Visit Nepal 2020 project. Nepal Government identified 100 Nepali tourism destinations out of 600 recommendation. The places were selected on the basis of recommendations from local and provincial governments as well as Nepal Tourism Board. Government identified these destinations as a step towards achieving the target of attracting 2 million foreign tourists in 2020.

Why to visit Nepal?

Indeed, Nepal, one of the most popular tourist destinations place. It is the land of the high Himalayas which offers plenty of travel options due to its wonderful adventurous activities. Mountains, Himalayas, Monasteries, Temples, Diverse culture, and natural beauty are the key points to visit Nepal.

The benefits of VNY 2020

  • Socio-economic benefits
  • Employment opportunities
  • Enrich and promote our amazing diverse culture
  • Let the people apart the globe know us; our customs, rituals, and hospitality

The slogan of Visit Nepal 2020

The slogan of Visit Nepal 2020 – “Visit Nepal 2020: Lifetime Experience”

This has been translated into various languages including Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, and Arabic in order to promote tourism through mega-media campaigns.


NTB participating in various program abroad to promote various promotional activities in different countries. Jointly promoting the campaign with major tour companies, airlines, NRN communities, and through a diplomatic mission also.

Further, thousands of people in the tourism sector already trained to enhance the quality of service for tourists. Likewise, infrastructures also developed rapidly like Gautam Buddha airport, home-stays in remote areas, and big hotels & resorts in the major cities.

Finally, the CEO of NTB has clearly mentioned saying that we have good enough infrastructures and ready for targeted guests.

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